Water as the secret of life.
Flowing into every cell of our body.
The memory of jumping into the water.
Mathematics as smooth accuracy.
A joy that can not be stopped.
Liquid pulse.
Attempts to stop time.
What was, is not.
Water to water.

A participatory dance performance exploring the relationship between water and mathematics. An attempt to transfer a rigid mathematical representation to an organically moving mass of bodies. Where do they merge and where do they collide with each other? Mathematics as multidimensional data projections and graph theory. Water as a recollection of the living body in immersion, drifting and sinking. The performance was created as part of MA Choreography at HZT Berlin.
(A. Minar)
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concept and choreography: Alica Minar

composition: Etienne Haan

performers: Daniel Adams, Britt Davis, Michiyasu Furutani, Dorota Michalak, Cary Shiu, Lenka Vořechovská

dramaturgical assistance: Pauline Payen

concept assistance, outside eye: Ana Edroso Stroebe

costume design: Sabryna Nitihardjo

lichtdesign: Kristina Schmidt

photos: Anna Benháková and Michal Hančovský


23.11.2019 / Festival NOVÁ GENERACE / Divadlo Disk, Prague

20 & 21.10.2019 / 777 / Hochschule für Schauspielkunst Ernst Busch, Berlin

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