“What is it that you want to destroy? you could ask. And I could tell you a number of things. Some I take from my life, others I see in the world. But then, there is also a part that simply wants to break, for no specific reason. We are all Teeth and Claws is sensing into the tissues of desires for destruction.” 


concept, artistic direction: Magdalena Meindl | performance, choreography: Ivan Björn Ekemark, Magdalena Meindl, Dorota Michalak, Britta Wirthmüller | dramaturgy: Lea Martini | sound design: Nikola Pieper | costume, stage, video: Magdalena Meindl | special thanks to: Grėtė Šmitaite | funded by Berliner Senat für Kultur und Europa and supported by ada Studio | premiere: 9-10.11.2019, Open Spaces Herbst, Tanzfabrik Berlin

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