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I am sharing some precious memories from the visit at Senselab (funded by PROMOS grant) and self-organized residency in Montreal that we have put together with my collaborator and partner Borys Słowikowski.

I am unspeakably grateful for this time that we have spent at Senselab, surrounded by amazing and inspiring patchwork of fabrics, creatures and moments. We have entered a rhizome that brought us a series of magic encounters.

(big thanks to Erin Manning, Halbe Kuipers, Matisse A-M, André Fogliano, Ben, Emma Flavian, Lea Ehret, Kelann Currie-Williams for all shared talks, meals and activities!)

Warm welcome by Sara Rita Kosmowska and exploring the Hudson city on the suburbs of Montreal.

Hospitality and great energy of our hosts in Montreal: Burdock Jenkins-Crumb, Gino Imagino <3 and Peggy Hogan.

6 Green Banana

it is a Jamaican restaurant run by Claudella Phoenix Gillies – woman full of joy, care and strength. This is the first place that we came across through Senselab and bonded with.

(I recommend this place and delicious food to everyone!!)

Performing scores of Pauline Oliveros in the park with amazing PIKAMA ensemble.

Very coincidental encounter with Cindy Phenix at opening of her exhibition at Galerie Hugues Charbonneau

-> check out her work!


Propositions for Social Dreaming – a minor movement

it was a social experiment facilitated by Senselab at Fonderie Darling in the frame of Place Publique.

(sending warm thoughts to all the people that I came across during this initiative!)

Another meaningful moment in Fonderie Darling – exhibition of local artist Barbara Steinman –

Diving for Dreams

Extremely valuable, inspiring and motivating time that we have spent with Miri Chekhanovich while spontanious meetings, visits at her workshop at Concordia, hanging out and working together.


Sharp Chicks in the Instant

playful improvisation session with Catharine Cary and Nina Bouchard


it is a non-profit artistic collective that we got to know through Senselab. They run a coffeehouse Coop Café Les Renards where we could rehearse in barter and share a physical practice that we have researched on – Working with the obvious.

(big thanks to Luke Shirock, Xavier Neszvecsko and Laïla Breger)

White Wall Studio

a beautiful dance studio run by Jonah Leslie, independent (dance) artist. We came to this place to take part in the CI workshop and ended up organizing an artistic event together, thanks to the trust and good will that Jonah gave to two strangers. Thanks to this collaboration we could work on the performance Doing things in front of others with two local artists: Miri Chekhanovich and Burdock Jenkins-Crumb.

The idea to perform Doing things in front of others evolved into curatorial practice – collectively organized “Doing things – performative evening” assembling three performances, dinner and a concert. We have co-created and co-organized it with people coming from different contexts that we came across during our stay in Montreal, creating new threads or strengthening existing ones in a bizarre web of relations.

(thanks to Jonah Leslie, Miri Chekhanovich, Burdock Jenkins-Crumb, Karen Fennell, Lune très belle, Renae Shadler and Nicholas Bellefleur)

Tortues vapeur

a thrilling music experience at MUTEK Festival -> http://www.mutek.org/en/hub/artists/9894-tortues-vapeur