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//fot. Zoe Errard//

9.11.2017 || 7:10pm || Dance in Response Festival || Hamburg -> ARCHIVE 2017

28.10.2016 || Attack the Space || Le Sillon, Caen

24.09.2016 || Wilda w Ruchu Festival || Poznań

Premiere: 20.06.2016 || Malta Festival || Perfex, Poznań -> ARCHIVE 2016

idea & choreography: Dorota Michalak

co-creation: Marcin Wolny, Frederike Doffin

performance: Dorota Michalak, Marcin Wolny (Poznań version), Frederike Doffin (Berlin version)

sound: Tomasz Citak & Andrzej Konieczny (Poznań version), Michael Tuttle (Berlin version)

Supported by Centrum Amarant & Perfex


is inspired by the works of Hungarian writer from Vojvodina, Ottó Tolnai, who maniacally listens to the voice of matter, dissolving into the minutiae. In his works, invisible emotional, cultural, and social phenomena gain physical parameters – weight, color, smell, shape, substance. This notion became the basis of our performance.

We move between evanescence – of images, movements, gestures, meanings – and their consistency, mechanics, physicality.

This stems from a fascination with the mechanism and process of communication, a desire to think about it from a fleshly perspective. Leaning on the haptic intelligence, practicing response-ability from a cellular level.

“All the senses, including vision, are extensions of the sense of touch: the senses are specialisations of the skin, and all sensory experiences are related to tactility.” /Juhani Pallasmaa, The Eyes of the Skin/

The performance is an invitation to attentively and profoundly dwell in the socio-cultural patterns of touch, physical idiosyncratic experience of being in touch, and the emergence of intimacy.

It is created at the intersection of choreography and sound-art, based on eclectic somatic practice drawing from various improvisational and scored methods of working, developed over the year-long process. Carried out thanks to the support of Centrum Amarant and Perfex in Poznań and all the people supporting the process.

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