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the space

15-19.06.2015 || Centrum Amarant, Poznań (part of the 'Kultura na Jeżycach' program)

8-12.09.2015 || Centrum Amarant, Poznań

12-16.09.2016 || Centrum Amarant, Poznań (part of the 'Kultura na Jeżycach' program)

22.10 – 6.11.2016 || Residency at Le Sillon & La Fabrique Apefim, Caen

Project developed and carried out in Poznań (Jeżyce) and Caen (Chemin-Vert) in 2015 & 2016;

in collaboration with Krystyna Lama Szydłowska, Centrum Amarant and Collectif Néphésh


 is a project bringing together performance art, new dance, improvisation and various urban spaces within Jeżyce district in Poznań/Poland and Chemin-Vert in Caen/France. It engages people from different age groups, professions and of different interests to collaborate during several days of movement and improvisation workshops, group roams through the city, improvised interventions and performances in public space.

Our aim is to collectively create emergent, unexpected situations, involving passers-by and entering into a dialogue with what is found: rhythms, sounds, textures, architecture, codes of behavior. We want to get to know familiar spaces anew by arranging new activities, creating alternative ways of spending time together in the city.