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I want to open up the space for a joint investigation of 'plant becoming' as 'a labor of unlearning certain somatic and mental habits' (Karen L. F. Houle) through dance.

Dance is physical work and knowledge-making area, influencing the way of thinking, perceiving and attending to things.

The sessions will have a form of peer-to-peer exchange and are initiated for educational purposes. I invite everyone to practice the perception of our tangible selves as co-extensive with the environment, to explore together such qualities as complete exposure, connectivity, acceptance of all nuances. We will be mixing somatic techniques with plant philosophy, recipes for producing bio-plastic with movement scores, political contexts with fantasizing, feminist practice with biology textbooks and so on.

There will be 8 sessions (2,5h each) oriented around different issues:
snacking on light ︎ extraterrestrial space and the earth – a period issue ︎ exchanging resources and nutrients ︎ temporalities ︎ space & scale ︎ ‘one that does not distinguish between objects & substances’ ︎ a safety issue ︎ radical openness

Marzahn Studio 2 (Georg-Knorr Str. 4, 12681 Berlin, Gebäude 10)

18.12.21 // 12:30-15:00 // snacking on light  

08.01.22 // 17:30-20:00 // extraterrestrial space and the earth – a period issue

15.01.22 // 12:30-15:00 // exchanging resources and nutrients

6.02.22 // 12:30-15:00 // temporalities

5.03.22 // 17:30-20:00 // space & scale

12.03.22 // 12:30-15:00 // ‘one that does not distinguish between objects & substances’

27.03.22 // 12:30-15:00 // a safety issue

9.04.22 // 12:30-15:00 // radical openness

Participation is FREE & OPEN TO ALL upon registration. You can register for the whole cycle or a particular session. The number of participants is limited.

For REGISTRATION and QUERIES write to me at: exposure0research@gmail.com

︎ ︎ ︎dorotmich@gmail.com