Dance is physical work and knowledge-making area, influencing the way of thinking, perceiving and attending to things.

Dorota Michalak is a dancer, choreographer & cultural studies scholar; a graduate of Tanz, Kontext, Choreographie (HZT/Berlin), Philological & Historical Studies of Central Europe, Intercultural Communication (UAM/Poznań); currently living and working between Poznań and Berlin.

She is committed to choreographic modes of working inspired by the notion of MESHWORK. It orients towards an attentive and sensual inhabitance of the workspace. A studio or a site becomes a relational field shared by interconnected, human and non-human materialities. Her ongoing research ventures into somatic, botanic and active/activist fields, weaving them together.

A choreography is investigated as a political, poetic, and somatic work– a way of being in the space together – leaning on THE POWER AND SENSITIVITY OF COLLECTIVE ATTUNEMENT. It takes forms of staged and site-adaptive performances (A bee a unicorn 2019, Doing things 2019, Divine smell of Paste 2016), as well as educational and communal projects (Exposure 2021, Becoming body 2018-2021, Doing things/Montreal 2019, Performative music exploration 2019, Ataki Przestrzeni 2015-2016).

As a performer she has collaborated with i.a.: Isabelle Schad, Moritz Majce & Sandra Man, Pauline Payen, Dalija Aćin Thelander, Krystyna Lama Szydłowska, Zofia Tomczyk, Forough Fami, Alica Minar, Magdalena Meindl, Angela Schubot & Jared Gradinger, Sheena McGrandles.
Within her artistic practice, she dives into various BODILY STRATA, both material and semantic, co-extensive with the ‘environment’. She is interested in attuning to different scales and time-spaces embedded in our-tangible-selves, using such tools as impersonal affect and empathy, kinesthetic engagement, synaesthetic imagination and deep listening.
She listens to what the MANY-TIMED / MANY-SPACED BODY wants to say, how it explains its reality. 

She draws inspiration from the VEGETAL world, working with such qualities as complete exposure, continuity, acceptance of nuances, coinciding with the very substance of the world. It is a labour of giving in to the tangible condition of ours, diving into the materiality that entangles us with the mundane and imaginative, exuberant world at the same time. It is a tool to build an alternative, situated understanding of the ‘human being’, beyond known stratifications and taxonomies, as well as the ‘environment’ as a space of coexistence, where various marginalized claims are heard.

Scholarship holder of danceWEB 2020/21, PROMOS by DAAD 2019 for a research at SenseLab/Montreal, Młoda Polska 2018 by Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, Alternative Dance Academy 2015 by Art Stations Foundation.

︎ ︎ ︎dorotmich@gmail.com
︎ ︎ ︎dorotmich@gmail.com